Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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Although CouchCMS is quite simple to get started, it is also quite flexible and powerful - and even more so now, that a membership/user registration module has apparently been added to future versions. It would be extremely helpful, if more tutorials were added that would show, step-by-step, and in a contextualised way, how to implement some of the intermediate/advanced features of Couch. I would suggest:

1) Add an 'intermediate' tutorial, that expands on the existing 'Blog' tutorial, by adding TAGS to the blog posts (using a many-to-many relationship between the posts and the tags). It would be extremely useful to show users also how to make a search page that would use the tags to select appropriately tagged posts. Taxonomies are an important and required part of many types of content, and used in a wide variety of sites - from product catalogues to technical support.

2) Add an 'intermediate' tutorial, showing how to setup a membership site - with different levels of membership. Show how to add custom content fields - such as 'membership expiry date' - and then how to setup searches using this custom content.

3) Add an 'advanced' tutorial, showing how to setup a basic FORUM - that is, a site where registered members can create and participate in discussions.

I would also suggest that the Documentation should have a 'Cookbook' section, containing 'recipes' for setting up different types of solutions using CouchCMS, that advanced users could follow and quickly customise - rather than having to reinvent the wheel.
Hi luxlogica,

I see you posted some more suggestions like this. Please note, as far as I understand it, KK and cheesypoof having there hands full with coding this great CMS and maintaining support on this forum. We all agree (I think) that the documentation is somewhat behind in respect to some new features and some kind of cookbook would be most welcome. But I also think that some experienced Couch user should step in to help out on this.
I load frameworks and write bugs on top of them, after that I rearrange the code so that it looks like a cool product.

I agree with the need for different levels of tutorials.
I'd like to add 'video' tutorials to your list :) (I really hope someone could help me with those)

Couch, as you would have noticed, is in a state of transition from being a CMS for very simple sites to something that can now handle pretty complex sites.

The transition, however, is still very much a work-in-progress with some quite radical things lined up for the coming versions.

I am actually waiting for those to be released, for Couch to reach a stable level of maturity with regards to the advanced functions, before creating the advanced tutorials like creating a forum etc.

Thanks for your suggestions about the topics that could be covered.
I'll definitely keep those in mind when we are ready to rework the documentation.

@kk, thank you for being so welcoming, friendly and graceful with your responses. I must admit, I had already heard that your level of support and user-care was absolutely unrivalled, but it is nice to experience it first hand! ;)

I do have quite a lot of experience in writing manuals, and in course development. I would be glad to dedicate a few hours helping CouchCMS develop a few more tutorials. Unfortunately, I am still very much a 'newbie', and until support for SQLite is implemented, I fear I may not have much of a chance to offer it as a solution for my clients (and gain some experience with it)...

I promise, however, that I will be checking regularly, and awaiting eagerly in the sidelines. :)
Some great suggestions from luxlogica. I think that a user friendly repository for Couch snippets, addons and methods, each set up using a standard template and easily searchable, would be very attractive to new & existing Couch users. There is a wealth of information in the forum - but not that obvious or always easy to find. KK/cheesypoof - if you need an extra pair of hands for any of what must be a daunting pile of tasks - please ask!
Thank you very much @luxlogica and @potato for offering your help.
Will definitely be troubling you soon :)
I am very happy with couch and I am getting into deeper usage of this CMS. Happy to see all there is coming in the future. I bought the CMS for a site and appeciate the great support on this CMS. Very helpful, friendly and straight forward.
* * * * * * I LOVE COUCH CMS - flexible and straight forward * * * * * *
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