It is extremely important for many potential users to be able to see that a project like CouchCMS is truly alive and under continuing development. Many projects keep a blog specifically for that purpose (high maintenance), while others - specially open source ones - simply place a link on their homepage to their GitHub (or equivalent) repository.

There is no sign of activity in CouchCMS' homepage - much the opposite: the copyright notice at the footer of the site mentions "2010-2013". In order to see just how alive this project is, the user needs to go to the forum (which many will not even think of doing).

Is there a public repository for CouchCMS? If so, could a link be added to the homepage of the site?

If not, could we perhaps at least add something on the front page - like a listing of the latest postings and discussions in the forum - that shows just how vibrant and alive the CouchCMS project is?