Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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Love couch so far! A responsive admin panel would allow clients to make edits to their site on phones and tablets.

You can do it now technically, but the panel should be optimized for the smaller screens. This would help elevate couch to the next level and be even better. Clients would love it too, especially when the site we are making for them is responsive but the admin panel is not.

Hope this can be added in the future!
This is being worked on, and until it's in an official release, check out this: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6962
This theme indicated that krisdoff is great, helped me a lot here
yeah, I saw that. I'm using 1.4 and that is only supported up to 1.3.5. I use couch not only for my own site, but for a client site. So, I can't have some features responsive, and some appear broken. I'll stick with the non-responsive admin panel for now.

Does anyone have an idea on the timeline for the next version of Couch?
The unstyled features in that theme include on-page editing, as well as securefile and datetime editable regions. If you don't use those, you shouldn't see any issues.

It is not yet clear to me what the release date will be for 1.4.5. I'm sure the pace of development will pick up though once @KK releases his member addon. ;)
Are there any instructions on how to build an admin theme?

I'd like to create one that uses Bootstrap 3 and I'm willing to share it with the community, just need some instructions on how to go about creating an admin theme.
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