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I had a similar issue where I was allowing only certain staff to post to our blog, and ended up locking myself out from the front end.

I assume you're using the extended users that came in the newest update (if not, I highly recommend it! It's made things like what you're trying much easier). The superuser has a user_id of -1, and isn't part of any member groups you might create. Knowing this, however, it's easy to always allow front-end access for the superuser. If specify that restrictions only apply to situations where k_user_id > '0', then the superuser (k_user_id = -1) will always be allowed.

The sample code I've got which disables the "submit" button on the blog except for users with clearance to use it (and, clearly, the superuser).

Code: Select all
<cms:pages masterpage=k_user_template id=k_user_id>
                           <cms:if (k_page_foldername='staff') && (k_user_id gt '0') >
                                 $('#blogButton').prop('disabled', true);
                              <p class='bg-warning'>Insufficient permissions to post to the blog. Please speak with your manager if you have an idea for a blog or article.</p>
I have an articles section on my web site. I would like to allow 2 or 3 people to have backend access to Couch to log in and add/update articles but I don't want their submissions to be live on the site until I review it.

In this type of a setup it should be somewhat easy to implement I think? Pending articles/changes could be stored in a separate SQL table until approved by super admin and then replaced in the main Couch db making the page live on the site. KK do you think this would be possible in a future version?
shuff19 wrote: KK,

Code: Select all
<cms:editable name='main_content' type='richtext' users='username1, username2, username3'>

Just adding a new variable to editable regions to allow a username(s) to be defined, and only those users are able to access that editable region via inline editing, front end bound form or Admin Panel.

Probably not too hard:
  • add a column in table K_TBL_PAGES
  • modify tags.php to decode and store new variable
  • modify render_admin_page_ex to show only pages that the logged user can modify
  • add a check on edit-pages.php to abort if the user isn't allowed to modify the page
  • more?

Probably I need this too :-)
I'm a new user to Couch CMS, reading through documentation as fast as I can - so sorry if I've missed something!

Was this request ever implemented?

It would be really useful to me on a current project; I started setting up a site for a local group, and it turns out there are other similar groups around the country who we'd like to allow to add their events to listings; but whilst they may well be very nice people, we don't want to provide them with full admin panel access!
Hi @daldred :)
I'm afraid this functionality is not yet available.
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