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Is it possible to use the exif information from a photo when uploading it to ensure the orientation is correct?

If not is it possible to give the admin an option to rotate the image be 90/180/270° to fix this?

Thanks again,
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I also look for something similar.
However, it might be easier to rotate images upon displaying via modding cms:thumbnail tag or similar.
Any good ideas?
I needed this feature for a site I was building, which uses the gallery quite heavily. My solution was to modify the "couch/includes/plupload/upload.php" file by adding this:

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resize: {
            preserve_headers: false,
            crop: false,
            fit: false

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(should be line 154)

More documentation on this: ... ip-headers
<...> If meta headers contain Orientation tag, JPEG will be auto-rotated accordingly.
Thanks for sharing that info @Kulverstukas :)
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