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i think it would be great to have the ability to collapse fields in the admin area. sometime pages have a lot of elements or the content is very long.
You could accomplish this by separating your editable regions into groups:
;) thanx for the tip
@ cheesypoof: i tried what you said with the group attribute, but the field is not collapsing.
the link is present, but when i click it nothing happens.
ive tried it in gecko and webkit and same results.

any ideas?
You'll need to have atleast two groups in a template to see the colllapsing/expanding happen.
The reason is that only one group remains expanded at a time. If there is only a single group, it will never collapse.
@kk: i tried having 2 groups and i'm not able to get 2 groups to work. the second group doesn't show the child elements.

2012-12-30_23-03-18.png (15.91 KiB) Viewed 3482 times

i've also tried placing an order attribute on all the elements, but that did not helps.
Could you please post in the definitions of the editable regions please (everything between the cms:template tag pair)?
here are the definitions:

Code: Select all
<cms:template title='Group Test'>
    <!-- Editable regions unique to this template can be defined here -->
    <cms:editable name='prop_test01' label='Group 1' type='group' order='1' />
    <cms:editable name='prop_item01' type='text' label='prop_item01' group='prop_test01' order='1'/>
    <cms:editable name='prop_item02' type='text' label='prop_item02' group='prop_test01' order='2' />
    <cms:editable name='prop_item03' type='text' label='prop_item03' group='prop_test01' order='3' />

    <cms:editable name='prop_test02' label='Group 2' type='group' order="2">
    <cms:editable name='prop_item04' type='richtext' label='prop_item04' group='prop_test02' order='1' />
    <cms:editable name='prop_item05' type='richtext' label='prop_item04' group='prop_test02' order='2' />

result in admin panel:

2012-12-31_00-12-22.png (31.24 KiB) Viewed 3477 times

I copy/pasted your exact code and everything works just fine on all my test setups.
Could you please try out a different browser to see if it is a browser specific problem?
Please let me know.

@kk: gecko and webkit and same results.
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