Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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Kk, it might be usefull to bundle those admin maintenance tools together. I'm thinking of the image maintenance tool to administer media in couch. It came up somewhere in the forum. Just a thought... :idea:
This will be so handy for more ambitious projects, the one I am currently working on has limited data to work with because it would take me an age to populate test records.

Cant wait for this utility :)
That's a good news coming from KK! As I develop desktop database applications also, I have customers which need to import data from the applications into their website so I had to implement some solution that suited their needs in order to import those data.
I don't know how KK utility will look like, but it should give some options on importing data like append data to existing one or first delete existing data and than add the new data.
Anyway, this will be a very useful tool for us.
Similar implementations typically allow the upload of a csv, once uploaded you map the columns to the respective cms fields.

I know that's easier said than done as couch has text fields for search and I can't see how to map them and where repeatable data comes into play.

The option for XML / CSV / RSS via corn would be very useful
has this been completed as an add-on?

I have a client with tons of products that have large amount of specifications per each product. The ability to import all that data from CSV and map to template fields would be HUGE. I mean like saving weeks of time for someone entering it (but not me thankfully :P )
Any updates on this? I'm preparing a proposal for a client and they will have a product catalogue with over 5000sku's, it would be great to be able to import.
cheesypoof wrote: Lots of businesses keep data in spreadsheets. Lets say a company wants to create a page for each one of their staff members: if some of the relevant data such as name, email address, cell phone number, etc... is already present in a spreadsheet, it could make the initial process of inputting all of this information into Couch much faster and less error-prone than normal. Other examples could include a restaurant trying to input their entire menu or a painting company inputting countless paint colors. This also may be able to help someone migrate part of their website content from a different CMS if they are able to splice together a workable CSV file. While I concede this is an exaggerated case, if we were to try input the attachment's data manually, it would be a complete nightmare.

would also be cool for language translations. a user could upload a csv file for the language translation for a article etc..
CSV Importer released - viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8803
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