Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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Hi KK, I'm curious what your thoughts are on the feasibility of a CSV file importer being coded for Couch, specifically for use with cloned pages. I think this feature could be very helpful.

I am open to the idea, though, frankly, I cannot immediately see much use for it.
Could you please spell out some concrete cases you have in mind where this feature could come in useful?

Lots of businesses keep data in spreadsheets. Lets say a company wants to create a page for each one of their staff members: if some of the relevant data such as name, email address, cell phone number, etc... is already present in a spreadsheet, it could make the initial process of inputting all of this information into Couch much faster and less error-prone than normal. Other examples could include a restaurant trying to input their entire menu or a painting company inputting countless paint colors. This also may be able to help someone migrate part of their website content from a different CMS if they are able to splice together a workable CSV file. While I concede this is an exaggerated case, if we were to try input the attachment's data manually, it would be a complete nightmare.


OK, I get it now (the csv file you attached made the point). Thank you.

I think an addon, as opposed to a core feature, would be more suitable for this functionality.
I'll now need to figure out some (easy) way to map the CSV fields to the editable regions of a Couch template :)
+1 It would be a great if this was made possible.
+1, this would be very useful for any content, especially products.
if my feature request of a "like" or "plus" system had been in existence, i would have liked this idea! lol
good feature there cheesy, would also be without a doubt helpful with website registering/registered users.

A user can register on your site with a basic username, email address and maybe first name, then they could upload a CSV of heir personal file of which Couch auto-fills the users profile, and as such can export a CSV if all details on a users profile is individually entered from the site's registration form.
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On the cards, guys :)
Coming up soon.
looking forward to this as well. I think the next release will be a feast! :D
It won't be a part of the official package but I'll release it as a utility.
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