Hey Guys,
Great work on Couchcms, so far it meets all my expectations ;)
There is one thing I would like to have added though. I want my website to work with the fancy url function in the end, this means I have to use the <cms:link tags in all my templates to make sure everything will work in the end. But you can use these <cms:link tags only in the templates themselves, and not in articles i am typing myself.

So i have this richtext box with a particular article in it, from which I actually want to link to another article I wrote. Ofcourse I can copy and paste the links in the end, but when testing and debugging it would be nice to have the link change between Fancy and not-so-fancy whenever I want to... If couchcms was able to parse the cms:link tags, then that would solve my problem!

In terms of user experience, I would see this as a nice dialog listing all my articles on which I could just click one and it would automatically add the right tag to my richtext box :D