Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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Do you want CouchCMS to be rebrandable?

No way!
No votes
Total votes : 11

One of my biggest wishes when it comes to a CMS is "brandability" or "rebrandability" in the real definition.

I'm not sure if this feature already exists, but if it doesn't I really would like it if we could rename the CMS to anything we would like, replace the logo and backlink and so forth.

Is this anywhere in your plans? :)
gSvoren Design -
Hi gSvoren,

It is not on our immediate roadmap but we'll keep an eye on your poll. If there is sufficient demand for the feature we'll definitely get it in :)
Thanks for the quick response, and oh I'm almost certain most people would want this somehow :)

Hopefully the poll reflects a broader wish for this feature in a while!
gSvoren Design -
i was thinking on wanting that but im ok with whatever they use as long as its operational,but i agree with your idea too | thumbs up
It would be great if I can use my own company logo and name. So if possible GREAT
Thanks for adding this feature in v1.0.1 :) We can close this thread now as it's been added!
gSvoren Design -
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