Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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I'd love to see couch cache to static HTML using the fancy URLs so requests don't have to go through PHP every time.

For example cache /blog/article.html as /cache/blog/article.html and add a rewrite rule to try cache/$0 first (or try_files cache/$uri in nginx).

I see the problems this could cause with automatic invalidation, embedded PHP and archive and all other page that in some way relate to changed ones and need to be updated , but having the option would be sweet.

In fact, Couch already has a cache built into it.
Open up config.php, find the following lines and set the define to '1'
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    // 9.
    // If set, CMS will cache generated pages and serve them if possible.
    define( 'K_USE_CACHE', 0 );

With caching turned on, all unregistered users will get only cached HTML pages (this should cater to 99% traffic of a regular site).

The cache is smart enough to bypass the requests that should not be cached e.g. submitted forms etc. and invalidating itself when any pages are modified or added through the admin panel.

Please check it out and let us know if it serves your needs.
Yeah, I looked at the cache. It still requires the request to go through PHP to return those .dat file. I'd like to bypass the PHP process entirely.

Instead of having a folder full of hashed.dat files, I'd like couch to cache them as cache/fancy/url.html and have the server look for the .html file in cache first before rewriting it to the .php files.
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