Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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Just found Couch and have to say mighty impressed so far. Not had a chance to play with it yet, but one quick thing I would personally probably like to see is some alternative (or at least easy choice) when it comes to captchas. Maths/image captchas are not always very accessible, so I just wondered if you could say a little bit about your choice, and whether you might offer an easy way to let designers choose their own preferred method (perhaps with explanations as to the pro/cons of each) - bearing in mind that your premise is help them avoid digging through code. For example, I produce sites for guest houses who have gone to considerable lengths to meet real-world accessibility regulations (ramps, rails, door widths, signage, etc etc) and who need their websites to also cater to variously disabled visitors.

Interesting article re that issue here: ... t-captcha/

Really looking forward to getting my hands "Couchy" - and I like the clarity of the support/doc pages you have, good job.


Welcome to our forums and thank you for your inputs.

You are right about the accessibility problems of conventional captchas.
Bundling several different types of them into Couch will not really help as we cannot possibly anticipate every designer's idea of a perfect captcha (you yourself mentioned so many different types of them).
It'd be better if we provide him a way to plug in his desired captcha into Couch.

To this end, we have begun work on opening up a developer's API for Couch.
This basically will allow the development and usage of custom fields not present by default in Couch (e.g. colorpicker, datepicker etc.), creation of custom tags and customization of the Admin Panel to suit one's needs.
The idea is to allow developers to easily add functionality and expose it via the familiar Couch tags for designers and non-coders to handle.

Once this functionality is in place, it would become very easy to extend the captcha field to allow plugging in of any arbitrary captcha.

So, as the answer to your query - custom captchas will be available but we'll have to wait a while.
Good news! Look forward to seeing the plugin-ability as it evolves.

I would echo again what others have said - your docs are _really_ clear, so with any new stuff you roll out I'd say - do it at a pace that you can maintain that standard. The two/three other CMSes that perhaps try to address the same market as you are doing that I have the most experience with are sNews, GetSimple and Perch (the latter maybe being to my mind the most directly comparable from what I see so far, and not just because of the license model)

I humbly suggest that you have an opportunity to bring the best of those together - allow plugin devs to share, but ensure the license $ let you fund good docs - it's the same in any field, those who produce good stuff are not always the best at properly explaining themselves :)

One recurring weakness I've encountered in many CMSes is making image integration easy for non-techy clients, so hoping you've nailed it. Will give you more feedback once I've had a play.

Thanks again, and good luck with your baby!

Hi Adrian,

Documentation is one facet that we make a point to work hard upon.
Without a good documentation we'd have no hope of explaining Couch to folks, however easy if may have been.
We realize that documenting the developer's API will be a real challenge but we are not rushing things - we are proceeding at our own pace.
Speaking of documentation, we'll soon release a series of video tutorial too to add to it.

We'll be looking forward to your feedback.
Thanks again :)
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