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Hi, guys!

Just recently, I found the Python app, Thumbor, a smart imaging service (self-service CDN). I think it is really good to have it as an addon for CouchCMS. I have been trying to test it on a test server with CouchCMS, but I realized that it required some efforts to get it works in PHP, especially, Safe Thumbor URL implementation. I hope this will be one of CouchCMS's features to make this CMS even more popular.

Before that, you all should go to to know what actually the Thumbor is and here how to install it I also included here, a minimal PHP helper for Thumbor URL. This PHP helper might be a bunch of codes that help us to create the Addon for CouchCMS.

Please kindly check it and raise your thoughts if you think it will be useful or whatsoever.
Interesting. Sounds like it can be added as a shortcode for those who have a local thumbor server installed. I also vote to have this in Couch.
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