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Hello KK sir,
I am trying to authenticate users (i want to just login only as of now, but would like to register also).
Actually there will a platform where i will be creating some users, now they all have there email id's they can login to there google drive and in other tab they will login to couch backed portal, so i don't want my users to remember usernames and password, kinda like single sign-on.

so Basically, i tried and i reached to this, so this users click on "Sign in with google", then he is redirected to Google Authentication platform and he chooses email id and then he is being redirected to couch page. where i can see the email id and few details related to the user.
Now i am authenticated from google's side, but could not proceed further as i cannot login just by email id, i need to enter password also, which google is not going to post back.

so i need your help as how can we achieve this, like creating session cookies (getting inside couch) by using google sign-in.

further i can check if the user exists in database, then ok, it will login... else it will prompt to register with google sign in credentials... or maybe i will show error as "You are not employee of XYZ Corp. so you are not authorised to get into this..."

Awaiting your response,
Thankyou for Couch (We all are loving it :) )

Edit :
Sir if you need credentials, do let me know in DM. :)
Hi Manu,

My apologies but I don't have any addon for this at the moment.
KK wrote: Hi Manu,
My apologies but I don't have any addon for this at the moment.

No problem sir.
I managed to do it. Take a look at how it goes, shared in flowchart.
Will share the code soon.
That's great, Manu :)
Do share the code here for the benefit of all.
Hello KK sir,
Thank you for couch.

Well, Initially experimented and I have done it (To some extent.) You can take a look at the idea of implementation. Flowchart.

Requirements :
1. Extended user addon. (Check here -> ... s/post.htm)
2. Google Sign in Process. ( ... eb/sign-in) -->
You will be getting client id and secret id. Go through it. its simple as couch. yes, believe me.

Its just a scratch guys. Although it can be modified in many ways.
I am currently working with AJAX Version, but somehow i am unable to do so moving to other parts of experiments.
Files i couldn't attach so sharing public link.

I know kk sir you will make something out of it.

# Update : 20 July 2021
Flowchart file was deleted accidentally, but the best part is, I have the code with me.
which is now
check it out. Feel free to ask if you need any help.
- Manu
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