Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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I work most of my time with TYPO3 (a cms comparable with drupal). TYPO3 has a simple file structure.

- fileadmin (users can store files)
- typo3 (cms core)
- typo3conf (configuration directory)
- typo3conf/ext/ (extension directory, each subdirectory contains one extension.)
- typo3temp (temp file directory)
- uploads (default upload directory)

You can easily update the cms core or the extensions via upload, git or composer. When I update couch, I have to backup and restore the config file and some other files (i.e. special ckeditor config.) When I create a couch project, I have to use a lot the .gitignore to include only the necessary files. All in all not very convenient and error prone.

That's one thing I really miss about couch. A better file structure for updates, versioning and backups.
Easily solvable..
SimonWpt wrote: When I update couch, I have to backup and restore the config file and some other files (i.e. special ckeditor config.)

Here is a simple trick that I use for config files in all couch installs - file _config.php is placed in website's root instead and content of /couch/config.php is as follows -
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  $folder = dirname(dirname(__FILE__));
  require $folder.'/_config.php';

You can use the same trick to protect any php file inside couch installation and keep it in your custom folder outside of /couch. Also to mention, upgrading Couch never overwrites config file, because it is named config.example.php in a zip.
Your approach is okay but very basic.

The actual file structure is not very helpful for putting your work to a git or make a backup script. And upgrading core, addons or themes via git or composer is not easy possible.

My suggestions

1.couch should look in document_root first for the config.php. If not available, couch looks in couch directory.

2. It would be great, if a developer can define in config.php several directory paths:

Just my two cents. :)
Couch can certainly be rewritten to fulfill the request, because it shouldn't be a big problem to maintain a new fork of Couch as active development is not expected and changes wouldn't require much review. //Maybe because of less frequent future updates this problem is also nonexistent//

I would also consider a cloud-based approach with a configurable backup-restore script that is available from within the admin panel itself.

Whatever my suggestions are, maybe git is not the best tool to maintain Couch installation, because git likes to have a 'repo = folder' approach, so it's hard to work separately with inner folders inside /couch/.. I would like this discussion to continue, maybe you could elaborate with more palpable examples to understand your backup-restore process closely.

P.S. Btw, I have developed a system for custom mods in /couch/addons that keeps a mod in a separate file auto-connected if present. When I update Couch I just overwrite old files and since config.php and kfunctions.php are never overwrited I have no problem to solve.
Do I understand you correctly, CouchCMS will not updated active anymore?
SimonWpt wrote: Do I understand you correctly, CouchCMS will not updated active anymore?

Consider it my strong "hunch" ;) Science cannot prove this/unprove this. Even @KK himself talked about financial difficulties to support development in a recent talk about license terms change. It's offtopic anyway.

P.S. If @KK comes to this thread and posts something like "Don't worry, people, Couch is under constant development and there will be updates etc" - we have no other source of information anyway - then we just hope it stays that way. My hunch is based on the growing time between major updates, which happen more seldom nowadays (for various reasons, not only financial, in my opinion).
Hey, hold on guys! I am not sure where you got this idea of my no longer working on Couch from?

Regardless of the difficulties I mentioned, Couch remains under continuous development (even as I write, I am working on a major new feature).

So please, rest assured on that front and go on in life :)
Hi @KK,

great to read. If you include my suggestions, I am very happy :D

Have a nice monday!
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