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is possible to add additional parameter for <cms:editable name='image' like folder="" ?

will explain for what it will be usable:

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<cms:editable type='image' name='top_image_main' folder='top_images' />
<cms:editable type='image' name='top_image_products' folder='top_images' />
<cms:editable type='image' name='top_image_team' folder='top_images' />
<cms:editable type='image' name='top_image_contacts' folder='top_images' />
<cms:repeatable name='slides_main' label='Slides main page' stacked_layout='1' order='21'>
<cms:editable type='image' name='slide' folder='slides/main' />
<cms:repeatable name='slides_team' label='Slides team' stacked_layout='1' order='21'>
   <cms:editable type='slide' name='image' folder='slides/team' />
<cms:repeatable name='team' label='Team' stacked_layout='1' order='21'>
   <cms:editable type='image' name='person_image' folder='team' />

because clients in admin panel not allways knows how to create folder/subfolder in ckefinder (file manager/image folder) and uploading pdf/doc files with slides and team photos in one K_UPLOAD_DIR and thats all..

if will be param 'folder' (or another) it will be made in backend for clients and will be more comfortable, when clients will click in admin panel on "browse files" button, and on images popup, when they click on "Page slides" block, they will see page slides images from /admin/uploads/slides/... for main page or team page with subfolder "main" and "team", and ff they will click on "Our team" block "browse", they will see only team images from /admin/uploads/team folder..


and another idea, will be just great, if for example wee will have product catalog with this image foldering structure, where all will be in own place:

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<cms:editable type='image' name='product_top_image' folder="product_top_images/<cms:show k_page_name />" />
<cms:editable type='image' name='product_image' folder="product_images/<cms:show k_page_name />" />

because just simple page with ~5 pages, where every page have slides, about 20 products with gallery and pdf/doc/xls attachments, without foldering, as result in admin/upload is terrible chaos, clients too lazy for click few times and create folder/subfolder..
If anyone finds this thread, I have created an automatic renamer for uploaded images, that works as a validator. It takes other editable fields values and can make a new dynamic name for images, including subfolders. For instance,
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