Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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Is CouchCMS GDPR ready? Etc wordpress have gdpr plugins. Will be or is a plugin available for CouchCMS?
Could you please share your thoughts on exactly how you'd like to see Couch helping your business in being GDPR compliant?

It would be good to have the ability to list all logs in the administration with the option of filtering by user and month, or the type of the form - see the attachment - listing who, when (date and time) what he edited or what article he founded, deleted, alert new item in databound form. That should be enough. It is somehow possible?


@groowonn, I've checked several articles on cms-gdpr-readiness and nowhere it asked to have some sort of activity log. Export-import data about users - yes, they say it is a must. Overall, things vary greatly among websites which need to collect, store and process users' data. So, could you please point me to the requirement of logging activities?

@KK, since CouchCMS gives all the control, including the database, to its users, I see there is little that needs to be taken care of.. Maybe a single point of interest might be only emails of registered users. Basically, there should be a consent from users regarding storing their email in backend in plain view, available for admins to see and, possibly, abuse.
I saw GDPR modules for Wordpress so I think something same need to know CouchCMS too or not ?
Also, a new parameter for editable fields might be useful - protected or sensitive. It will make those fields hidden even for superadmin in backend, so in order to show them or use them, one must be logged in as the user who submitted them (birthday, phone number, etc). Maybe it is a stupid idea, idk.
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