Hello KK

I am a fan of CouchCMS and use it extensively building a full featured ajax app based on CouchCMS.

For building table lists I often have to improve performance. Therefore I do things like:

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<cms:set company_ids="<cms:pages masterpage='company.php' ids_only='1' /> " />
<cms:each company_ids>
   <cms:set company_name="<cms:get_custom_field 'company_name' masterpage='company.php' id=item />" />
   <tr><td><cms:show company_name /></td></tr>

Reason is that the template company.php has dozens of custom fields. But this solution above gets very uncomfortable if I need more than one or two custom fields.

Here my suggestion:
What about an additional parameter in the pages, related_pages, reverse_related_pages tags e.g.
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<cms:pages masterpage='template.php' include_custom_fields='custom_field_one, another_custom_field, ...' />
   Access only to the specified custom fields above and to k_page_name, k_page_id, ...

This would reduce the amount of variable associations to a minimum but reducing coding effort while using the stuff above.
It would be something in-between the params skip_custom_fields='1' and no params converning custom_fields.