Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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    Google like search engine like
    Next, Previous, Go to Option like Folio Views
    Number of hits found before hitting the actual search like Folio Views
    Import options from Zim, Treepad or other wikis.
    Handling huge number of documents by providing quick search via Solr or Apache Lucene
    Support for tamil language
    Having tags for each document (Reference:
    Built in web clipper (save webpages locally) - (Reference:
    Support for full text search in huge text nodes - example atleast 10,000 nodes with 100 kb of text each. Most note-taking software couldn't handle such huge content due to missing indexing
    Quickest search results via indexing through Apache Lucene like docFetcher ( ... ocfetcher/)
Hi, thanks for posting here so we can comment :) I saw it on github already when it was a closed request.
I wonder whether you would like to code something like the above? A notes app?
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