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Hello everyone,

So i'm currently starting up a review website for games, and the one thing I am looking for is a scoring system where it comes up with like a little circle like a progress bar and a score in the middle (e.g 6.5)

I have been looking at WP and for a theme that includes that you looking at paying through the nose for one. So i've taken it upon my self to make a template etc and stumbled across this CMS, so I thought this might be just what I need so big question is!

Can it be done? And how!
Hello Rydema,

Could you please take a look at our 'rating' addon (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8133)?
It allows (actually, expects) you to use your own GUI for the ratings.

Perhaps it could be helpful in your use-case.

Thanks for that I'll have a gander and possible showcase my site off when its ready!
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