In my project I needed to send html-mails with attachments. I found a solution using phpmailer with method "mail" and some modifications in couch's functions.php and also in phpmailer.php. Also I modified it to include a plain text version as AltBody:
couchcms_phpmailer_attachment and
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With this you can send a mail with an attachment in couch as follows passing an editable of type 'file' as attachment parameter of send_mail tag:

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<cms:set attachment="<cms:php>echo str_replace('<cms:show k_site_link />', '../', '<cms:show attachment />');</cms:php>" scope='global' />
<cms:send_mail from='' to='' html='1' subject='Your subject' attachment=attachment >
   <!doctype html>
         <meta charset="utf-8">
         Any HTML body here ...

It works wonderful in couch version v1.4.7.

@KK: It would be great if phpmailer and the attachment option would be included in a future release.

Another improvement could be of passing an array of files as follows: "|file2.pdf|file3.png". If anybody modifies it to achieve this I would be glad.