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Not to worry, figured it out

edited the couch/addons/inline/theme/scripts.php
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        if( inline ){
            editor.on( 'configLoaded', function(){

                editor.config.extraPlugins = 'inlinesave';
                // added following three lines
                editor.config.extraPlugins = 'lineutils';
                editor.config.extraPlugins = 'widget';
                editor.config.extraPlugins = 'image2';

and that seems to do the trick. will report back if any problems.
Spoke to soon.
This removes the save inline icon from the toolbar.
I've tried swapping order, adding additional set_toolbar() calls, but to no avail.
Anyone have any ideas?
Should be one line, comma separated without spaces -
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editor.config.extraPlugins = 'linkbutton,timestamp';

your best friends: github, StackOverflow, telegram
@trendoman - thank you once again. bit of an rtfm :oops:
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