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I would like to have a function in the admin panel when I integrate a template in Couchcms that gives me a list of check boxes with basic html stuff that I can check and edit and then embed it in the header.

For example:
When you want to insert your html page in to the cms, you must change the file to php and then insert the php code to see your page in CouchCMS. When you login and you did not enable editabale regions in your template you will see that your page is recognized but there is nothing to see.

What I want is for example two see checkboxen like this:

In the header (all the basic meta tags)
Page title
Meta description
Robots meta tag
Author meta tag
et cetera

by default nothing is checked, if you check for example the page title a textarea will appear with a value
Code: Select all
<title>Basic Meta Tags</title>

and when you check meta description a textarea will appear with
Code: Select all
<meta name="Description" content="place your description" />
with maybe a character count. and so on.

And if you want to view this in the page just a embed tag within the head tag.

Maybe this is already possible or someone can make the idea better.

If its already possible I would like some answers :) if not make my idea better :)
I like your idea and I think this would be fairly easy to do with the new custom theme features of v2.0. The documentation of the feature is not complete yet, but you might still be able to figure it out, based on @KK's summary. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10241

I think the basic approach would be to put the checkboxes and related editable regions in a snippet, then embed them in the admin panel's form-view by customizing the theme template. You'll probably also need some custom javascript to hide/show the editable region with the checkbox. We already have a character counter add-on, so that's done. ;)

If you're adventurous, this is exactly the sort of thing the new admin panel is meant to let you do.
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