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Interesting request from one of my users.

They want to add a bunch of rows of data to a repeating region but only have a selected few of them showing on the site at any one time.

At the moment you can Add, Delete and Move a repeating region but you cannot disable/enable it (as far as I can tell).


@GrahamO, add another column with a checkbox 'show'. Then while listing repeatable only show rows with this checked flag.
Should have thought of that.. :? ... I don't think I have really gotten to grips with the power of this tool yet.

UPDATE: It worked fine as follows:

Code: Select all
                            <cms:show_repeatable 'sec3Content'>
                            <cms:if subSec3Show="Show">
                                    <cms:if subSec3Video>
                                        <div class="videoWrapper">
                                                <cms:show subSec3Video/>
                                        <img src="<cms:show subSec3Image/>">
                                        <cms:show subSec3Content/>
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