Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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maybe a recycle bin type section so that it is not so easy to delete pages, or mabye another check box on the list so you could lock the page, to prevent accidental deletion.
Vote for recycle bin too :!: .

Any deleted page (ie product in a shop) should not be lost in case of accidental deletion.
Even when we create users with privileges in upcoming admin panel, no one can guarantee that information is not lost.

Maybe a small hack, KK, to put deleted pages in a temporary database with cleaning everything older than a month, when deleting a page? (With similar behaviour as Drafts on the left-side)

PS This question arised while evaluating an idea about 2-3 couch installations for a big website/portal. One for all texts, menus etc, managed by admins, Another for products/objects to be managed by shop-runners, another for some other purposes. So nobody messes the whole big thing and also to unclutter the future admin panel. Nice job to let people see only what concern them. And hide what they don't like to see. And create a level of protection..
Another hit. A page can be moved to a specially crafted 'bin' folder instead of being deleted from database. Here i'm talking about custom made admin screen as in 'docs/concepts/databound-forms'. And also about custom made front-end user area, where she can delete created pages, while actually they will be only 'moved' - assigned to another folder.
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