Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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This may already have been requested or be part of the new admin panel - apologies if so, I've got a bit rusty on the details of what it does or doesn't include!

It would be nice to be able to offer visual references as part of making choices by say radio button. EG if I want to offer the client a choice of layouts for the home page I can make three graphics which represent these and upload to display each next to a radio button - Layout A, Layout B, Layout C.
Hi @potato,

Is your feature request still alive in the view of possibilities in Couch 2?
Did you somehow implement choosing layout option?

Best regards
hello @trendoman! Before V2.0 we would end up with long lists in the side panel and only basic ways of presenting editable fields for a template.

I'm afraid I haven't had much time to explore V2.0 so far, but what I am hoping for is the ability to create an Admin Panel which is 3 dimensional and as user-friendly as possible ... TABS to divide editable regions, TOGGLES to hide/show, sticky elements like the SAVE button - to avoid scrolling down to save - and the injection of diagrammatic elements where appropriate. So yes, it would be very useful indeed if V2.0 allows us to create graphics to associate with radio buttons for example or graphics to act as help (a picture paints a thousand words!). Also hope that we can choose to split the width of a row into 2 columns so we have the option to present editable fields side by side (on wide screen version). All these things may well be feasible already - so apologies if this is so. I'll be turning my attention to learning Couch V2.0 in July! I really appreciate all the hard work that's gone into this!
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