Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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Oops, searched the forum and I can't believe this hasn't been discussed.

Uploading png files to image region makes no use of 'quality' parameter. This is fine, but!
I would personally like an update to current method of resizing png's so they don't come out 20% bigger in filesize while halved the resolution (from 1300px to 800px actually).

I understand, Couch has little or nothing to do with it, but can make use of some newer lib or whatever :) (I've seen cheesy's updated timthumb.php but it didn't like any of the paths and didn't work locally and I kinda don't want to keep it.)

Then I would like to have a parameter, something like convert='1', which would do the named job and save image as jpg, if it's not.

So far, no problem preprocessing images before uploading to CMS in desktop software. Kinda todo for 2022, what do you think, KK? :)
I also miss that option. (to convert png files to jpg)
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