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Hi Couch community,

We all know how powerful a cache is! I use the cache always and I am very pleased with it.
However, there are situations where the cache is not flexible enough, and that creates big problems ...

Situation 1
For example, an online store that makes product promotions by a specific date.
Countdown which counts the remaining days and hours until the end of the promotion - this is very attractive and every client wants it!
But what happens when the "fatal" date comes? Then someone should delete the cache, but who? :D
I ask the KK to give a powerful bullet so we can program when the cache will be cleared and re-started.

Situation 2
If we have an e-shop with, say 10,000 products, and a large number of them are already cached, when editing only one product (page) then the cache on all pages becomes invalid ... this is definitely not good!
It would be nice to delete the cache only on the edited page - if our Couch can do this - it will be a new strong step to modern 2019 CMS systems.

Situation 3 (of lesser importance)
If we have an e-shop with, say 800,000 products - will not it be a problem if in cache folder there are 800 000 files?
This will not cause a delay while the Couch finds a certain cache file?

I believe many users are interested in this topic.
KK, please, when you have the opportunity for an expert decision :)

Thanks for the wonderful support.
orbital wrote: 800,000 products

Realistically speaking, CouchCMS is not the right solution for the next Amazon.. And in much not because of the poor CouchCMS which is a solution for small-scale projects.

I also vote for better cache management features. One should not forget that logged-in users (if a shop's client is logged in) are never served cached pages. I wish that tweakable as well.
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