Im have now made some pages and need to fetch some info based on user_id.

So i have users-info.php that show list of all users. When i click a user i get to new site and get all info about selected user. So thats OK.

Then i have absence.php where i record all absence. When i add a new i can from a dropdown select the user and save this. But this gets saved to seperat file called absence-new.php

Now i wanna show in a graph the number of absence for each month, the graph is working.

So then to my question:

How can i Relate the users in my dropdown to the users in users-info.php (index) and then show on new page PROFILE the absence stored to the selected user from dropdown.

I think my first think todo must be to MAKE SOME RELATION between the dropdown with users and the main users.

If difficult to understand i can try to explain better with some screenshots.

Let me now. Im open for all tips.