Im working on a function that will alowe loged in user to fill in hours every day and when the month is finnished they can send/save the form and admin can get info in admin panel.

My idea:

Make a hour-form.php cloneable in the member section.

Make sure that the page check if user is logged in.

Then Have a header called "HOUR SHEET" and under header have input type"bound"

DAY - DATE - FROM - TO - PROJECT - INFO - HOURS - OVERTIME (only one line)


When clicking START the input fields will show and the user can put info. When finnish they click FINNISH and the info gets saved. Then click start again and they can fill in next day info. And so on. Maxium 31 rows and when they have filled in for hole month they can send form with all info.

Maybe and idea is to make folders for each month and have this as a dropdown so the user can save a form every day to folder.!?

Im not a code expert but i do understand somethings and i can do all the work my self, but i need some ideas, help, inspiration on how to make this the best and most functional way.

I hope some of you bright people here can helo me with this.

In advance thanks :)

Maybe someone have made something simular and have some tips or something i can look at.