Out of the box, Couch does not support native multi-site installations.

However, if you have several websites, you can have *some* features managed from one place. Share your real-life experience here. Maybe we can figure out the way to improve on current situation.

What we already have is:
a. tool to store changes in database - 'db_persist' tag.
b. tool to get information passed to a page - 'gpc' tag.

Let's say, you need to do something (what is your need? - share!).
- Then we first, follow a link to login in remote Couch isntallation.
- Second, pass information to be updated (like approve all comments in blog, update picture, create a new page, update text, etc..) to the page it is stored on.
- Third, a special script reads all the incoming info (it executes if logged-in admin) and does the dirty job.

This is it.