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I want to do a simple fordering system -
--Customer selects items from menu.
--This list is emailed to the food supplier.
--An option for customer to view the ordered list also if possible.
There is no payment involved online.

Kindly take a look at the attached image to get an idea.

Please let me know if it is possible with Couch and how I should go about it.

Thanks a lot in advance..



I think this can be easily handled using CouchCart (

The example site given in the docs linked above sends the buyer to PayPal at checkout.
This workflow can be modified to instead email all info (buyer + cart).

You'll find this discussed in detail here -

Hope it helps.
Thanks a million, KK. :)
I will go through the linked pages and come back..
Have to look at the tutorials in detail..

Just a doubt - my products belong to different categories - maybe 15 to 20..
I want to display the Categories along the left side. (Please see the image)

Clicking on a category will jump to that category items on the page.
Kindly let me know if it is easy to implement.

Thanks a lot.


That seems to be a straightforward usecase for using 'folders' -

Create all you categories as 'folders', use <cms:folders> to list the categories in the sidebar, clicking any category would lead to a 'folder-view' where you can then display pages (products) of that particular category.

If you are uncertain about these concepts, please go through our Aurelius tutorial ( - both the blog and portfolio use folders.
Thanks again KK.
Sorry for not making myself clear.

I want to display the products as shown in the image - ie.,
a Category title, then all products belonging to that category below that,
then the next Category title, the products below that
and so on.
ie., the order page will list all products.

The Category menu will in effect then just jump to that particular section on the same page.

Please let me know
--if this scenario requires folders
--else how to add the Category info as part of the product data.

---& how to remove the user registration option as basically its a order by email system.

Thanks a lot in advance..
Even this scenario can be handled by 'folders'.
Once you have created the folders and placed the products within their respective folders. the sidebar category menu can be created like this -
Code: Select all
    <a href="#<cms:show k_folder_name />"><cms:show k_folder_title /></a>

And the main listing we can list the categories with their pages as follows -
Code: Select all
    <h2 id="<cms:show k_folder_name />"><cms:show k_folder_title /></h2>
    <cms:pages folder=k_folder_name>
        <cms:show k_page_title /><br />

Please notice in the code above how we are using <cms:folders> and <cms:pages> in tandem in a way that for each folder fetched by cms:folders, cms:pages then fetches all pages belonging to that folder.

Hope it help.
Thanks a lot KK.
I will have to look at Couch cart in detail.
btw, does the new version have order management (store order details etc)
Saw in some threads that it is not present yet.
Just wanted to make sure whether the current version has..
Thanks a lot.
I'm currently doing a website for my missus small family restaurant, I'm using WP to just get something going at the moment. I've done a few sites using couch and I love the workflow and being able to customize as I want, doing things in WP quickly get's "hacky".

I saw this thread and it got me thinking.. Due to the current situation it's obviously quite hard to get business, but there is a lot of potential in delivery as many prefer to eat home. Many restaurants here use companies like grab or foodpanda to deliver their food / enabling customers to order their online. These companies charge the seller like 30% which I think is a steal. Especially in times like these..

Soo.. I'm thinking of creating a online menu on subdomain for the website where customers can order food and delivery directly from the restaurant using Couch and the shopping cart, what you guys think?

I probably wont use any payment method to start with, but would love to add payment later on using crypto or the local bank mobile pay here in Thailand, would that be easily done?
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