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potato wrote: When the eagerly awaited ;) next version of Couch is released I wonder if it will be along with a revamp of the website? My feeling is that Couch needs to show off a bit - shout from the rooftops in fact - tell the world what a great CMS it is. I recently had a look round the Perch site - they have done a good job on marketing and presentation (even if the cute birds aren't to your taste).

I took the Perch demo on offer and from my brief play around it appears that Couch is more powerful and flexible - it could and should be a big player in the small CMS market. The Perch admin panel is modern looking and what clients will be expecting to see these days, but it did appear to impose a structure and terminology that didn't seem entirely user-friendly. If a client can get confused - they will get confused. That isn't to say clients are daft - just that it isn't their job to wrestle with jargon and structure that isn't intuitive. Once the new Couch admin panel is available - I think Couch should take off in a big way. It will compare very favourably or outclass the competition in many different aspects.

Could I make some suggestions ...

1. a demo on the Couch site - so that interested web designers can see first hand what Couch offers - or at least a taster - without having to download and try out. This may trigger more downloads and more take up of Couch.

2. a short video introduction (from @KK?)

3. the Couch forum is OK, but should be responsive - I learn a lot from looking at it and it is often from my phone - which is awkward.

4. I've mentioned this previously ... a really well organised, searchable repository for plugins and addons - standard layout (description of functionality, how to install, dates, upgrades etc) maybe feedback and ratings. At the moment this is rather lost in the 'Tips and tricks' section. Again I think this would add kerb appeal for web designers assessing different CMSs. Maybe it could be monetized - so that there is an incentive for developers to come up with high quality addons that cost a small amount for others to download.

I know that these features will take time and effort - but maybe some of it could be shared amongst the Couch community - we all have a vested interest in making Couch as good as possible, as soon as possible. :)

I've recently discovered Couch and I love it! But I think that what potato says is true, this would really be a benefit for Couch and attract more users.
Hi everyone,

We all like the Couch environment a lot and we all are looking forward to the much anticipated next version. But I'm starting to worry a bit if this next version will come on time.

The web is changing fast and around the Couch ecosystem new kids on the block appear changing rapidly the way websites are build. Kids like, or are maturing fast and there are good reasons why.

Although they are based on a different thinking how a website is created you can't ignore the fact they do something right based on the growing user base.

KK, I sincerely hope you've noticed this too and that you are building something beautiful with the same features, combined with the easy Couch already has.
My first project was about 2+ years ago and consisted of 20-30 lines of couch code. As I mature with time step by step, along with Couch, I hope to see this continuing leadership. I like to learn from the way leader thinks and operates. Couch is a leader for me, as I explore more and more each day.

It is also encouraging for me to see how Couch gets bigger in terms of delivering more serious stuff each release. I hope this dream of KK would come true and Couch will be a tool to build CMS's. This way one needs to address legal non-coding issues.

Couch has proved to become an OpenSource project, opened the source of knowledge. I, as a dev, do not give out this knowledge to my clients. I give out products. And want Couch help me protecting my product. I give an answer on forum providing full code, but I don't educate clients on couch tags and chosen decisions. I learn so much from this forum, so I downloaded a copy and working very closely with it to study effectively. Getting more power in my hands I also need tools to protect it. If I can't protect serious stuff, i worked a 2-3 months on, then I can't backup Couch. I have fears and more powerful Couch, i hope, comes with support on that too. Thank you, all, guys. I started to believe in myself.
couch not just cms for me. Its like a framework. The other like octobercms use twig for the theming language. But couch? Damn, KK make a new language. That coverd for build a system, and template porting.

I dont bother too much with the default admin panel, i simply craft another admin like, just like django, it have the default admin panel, and you can craft your own.

The thing is, couch default admin panel use mo, and thats a problem for none js ninja like me, that depends on html templates. Thats why for build an admin like page, i try to avoiding using repeatable, type image editable, cos it hard to use it with databound (but you can still use it with no conflict).

For all, im happy using couch. Big thx for the creator of couch. Im waiting for the new default admin panel that use jquery, and the ability to make a report of sales, so we can integrate it with charts.
As soon as possible!

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