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I did find evaluation copy and xx days left on the admin section. does that mean that after x number of days, the program will stop running? :cry:
Hi Graham,

The downloadable copy of CouchCMS is time-limited ( 30 Days) but is otherwise fully functional.
It is meant simply to be tested on your own setup. After the set time expires, yes the script will cease to work and ask for a license.

We provide free licenses for personal and non-commercial sites. If your site happens to be one of these, please contact us with the domain name and we'll send you an unlimited license.
If the site is a commercial one, you'll have to buy a commercial license.

Once you place the new license in your Couch folder, the script will resume functioning without you losing any existing configuration or data.

Hope that answers the question.
I run a personal/non-commercial site and I am planning to use couch on my entire website. :)
I'm starting to like couch because it is so flexible.

Thanks again sir KK!
Your are most welcome, Graham.
I am glad you liked Couch :)
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