Old Subject: Server died, backup with install_ex.php but white screen?

So the server died which I was using for a website which ran CouchCMS, this website quite a lot of content on it and luckily I had gotten the install_ex.php file before the server died with each backup, however my problem is that when migrating to a new server with all the same directory structures and placing install_ex.php within the directory as instructed in the documentation, I get the login screen (as if it was a fresh install), enter a superadmin username and password, and then I just get a white screen.

I have also edited config.php to the correct new database information. One thing I did not do now I think about it was PrettyURL's, should this matter? I turned them off the config.php file.

I have looked around for a solution but I'm unable to find it, hopefully someone can help me out here.


EDIT: Solved, silly mistake - Wrong database password in config.php :oops: