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I have to agree that I am now a Couch guy. This is a perfect solution to CMS. My happiest fact is that it is very light weight.
What has not worked me yet is pretty urls. I need help to get it to work on both windows server and linux. The utility being suggested to test whether mod_Write is enabled is not good and it gives false positive.
Sencondly is this forum built with couch, please let me know.

Couch CMS is easy and amazing CMS I have ever used.
The documentation is amazing. It's really easy to use.
I've looked at many CMS over the years, and nothing comes close to CouchCMS! It's extremely easy and fast to learn for the developer, and very powerful and flexible. The ease of use for the end users of the generated websites (non-technical webmasters) is above anything else I have seen.

Congratulations, KK, and thanks for this outstanding product! :D
Thanks a ton to the makers of Couch CMS. Couch CMS is a really amazing CMS and great time saver for static websites with wildly different page layouts. Thanks for this wonderful and really helpful CMS. However I would like to give some suggestions.
1. Simplified tutorial is needed for core concepts of this CMS specially for dynamic menu maker, pretty URLs and cloned/template pages.
2. Some inbuilt functionality for changing the default logo.
3. If possible, a way to change colour scheme. If its possible through CSS, some tutorial should be there about it in the documenttion section.
4. There should be some way of proper naming of the various editable sections so that they are easily identifiable in admin panel. Suppose there are three editable sections in about us page say, Company Introduction, Vision & Mission and Our Policy. Now when they are declared editable using
Code: Select all
<cms:editable name='main_content' type='richtext'>
line you can only name it using abc_xyz format. It is understandable to developers but for a non-technical admin it will be really helpful if capital letters and space was also allowed so these sections could be named as their proper names in the admin panel.

These are few suggestions after few days of useage and R&D of Couch CMS. Will add more with more usage.
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