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I'm really glad I found CouchCMS.
I've been looking for something like this for a long time and had given up so started writing my own but luckily I found CouchCMS.

I am still learning it but looks perfect.

The only things I miss are Plugins and Admin themes especially Bootstrap 3.

I'd like to create an admin theme using Bootstrap 3 but can't find any tutorial on creating an admin theme.
Life changing. a breath of fresh air. unrestrictive. freedom to create at last. Your vision is spot on thank you sir!
I have to say that this little gem needs far more pushing. I am not sure how I came across it but I was searching for something that did what this beauty lets me do.

I came across a freebie called Dropkick and thought, initially, that it did all that I wanted but it does have a lot of quirks and could be problematical for my clients to use. When I came across Crouchcms I could not believe my luck.

Since I do my work initially within a Wamp environment I installed into its WWW area but found I had a few problems with my wampserver. I persevered and finally got it all to work just as I wanted.

So why do I like Couch? I wanted something which allowed me to create my pages, my way using my favourite tools. By simply working through the Couch tutorial it became clear that Couch offered a lot more.

Now I can create/convert my static HTML sites into dynamic php without having to code in php. My clients will have sites which allow them more control over the content and incorporate additional elements such as blogs, news items, etc...

I know there is more that Couch will allow me to do and I look forward to experimenting and discovering this well though out piece of software.

Well done.
OMG...I can't thank you guys/girls behind couch CMS enough! What you have done is just pure awesomeness, I can't that you enough..!

It's people like you that we need more of in this world, sharing your knowledge and invention, freely, open sourced for everyone to participate and share without the greed for money!

I just recently found Couch randomly when searching through the web for a CMS tool that I could use to easily implement in slick mimimalistic html files without using a bloaty cms *wordpress cough*.

I'm quite sucky at coding, but Couch is quite easy to understand even for me - and you can do so much with Couch it seems!

Again, thank you all!
this CMS is incredible

for programmer or for non programmer

I install it 3 hours after I have a complete cms for my website.

thanks you for this software, now I can rest on couch watching tv.

keep the good work.
littlekoala wrote: Hey.... I am new here...
and my first post is just to say and agree that CouchCMS is AMAZING!!!!

Ditto ! :D
yo mamma has a peg leg with a kickstand
More agreement from me about Couch. It's wonderful.

Which is why I find the following confusing: When trying to find an alternative to Perch, I did some searches and visited maybe a dozen pages of the kind that announce "list of the most awesome little CMS's," etc. And not once did I see Couch mentioned. Strange. Makes me wonder if some of these "best of" types of pages are more promoting favored projects than objectively reporting. Maybe that's just paranoia. Either way, us users might just put a little extra oomph into spreading the word.
couchclass wrote: spreading the word.

Umm, and more efforts to support newcomers? :D
Amazing might to be too modest!

Thanks for the dev team who made this possible.
CouchCMS has been a great answer for a very powerful yet simple to implement CMS. Thank You to the creators. I has been a great fit after moving away from Wordpress. I had recently moved to but find that CouchCMS is exactly what I was looking for.
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