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I've been using WordPress for most of my sites from years now. Tried CouchCMS just out of curiosity and the results turned out to be great. Loved it totally. Especially the ease of use makes it a beginner friendly CMS.
I completely agree with your sentiments, but I disagree about its prospects. Unfortunately I don't think it's even close to overtaking Wordpress. As is usually the way, a substandard product dominates the market because it was one of the first to take marketing seriously. It's always difficult to dislodge first movers. This CMS needs a few years to really gain traction I think, unless they make a serious marketing push. People just don't know the brand the way they know Alpha Brain:
I wouldn't recommend CouchCMS with WordPress. You can easily find solution for WP issues and there is a huge community behind it. CouchCMS is a newer cms. What I like about Couch is that it is lightweight.
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