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CouchCMS is the best thing that has ever happened since sliced bread!
I have spend weeks and weeks trying CMS's and nothing comes even CLOSE to what CouchCMS is. WordPress pshhhhh i give it a year before CouchCMS is above WordPress. I will donate all of the money from my first client to your company (and also buy the commercial licence if I have enough money). But seriously thank you so much.

Bruno Albuquerque
Happy CouchCMS user from Brazil.
Thank you very much Bruno for taking the time to post your thoughts.
I am glad you liked Couch :)
Couch is a great place, great support and happy to continue to support.

Couch needs to get known so please do tell everyone.

Facebook, get it known on there kk.
SimonRLM wrote: Couch needs to get known so please do tell everyone.
Facebook, get it known on there kk.

I'm pretty jealous and protective over my Couch, I don't want the wrong people (especially competition) to get their hands on it but really it's the best I've come across, and I know we are gonna take Couch further.
but what tha heck let me splash the logo around here and there, Kudos KK
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I was just about to give up when I discovered this, what a great piece of software, it will hopefully be able to do everything I nee, if I can work out how to do a few things ... ;)

Keep up the great work :D
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Hello and welcome MrBalloonatic :)

I am glad you found Couch useful.
I am sure you'll manage your way through it yourself. Of course, we'll always be around in case you happen to need any assistance.
Hey All,
I agree, Couch is awesome. I just wanted to point out it is still early in its development. There is still a lot of ground to be covered. I am personally going to devote some time starting in April to developing some add-ons for Couch. Couch is really a mix of a templating system (IE PEAR) and a CMS. I like comparing it to Expression Engine which is a more Expensive CMS at $299 and even more for add-ons. EE comes with more out of the box but the learning curve is steeper and it is more expensive. Couch really does a lot of things similarly to EE such as having tags and customizable back-end. With that said, I believe there should be some goals set for Couch Development such as Scalability, Simplicity and documentation. I am just starting with Couch and using it for my first two client sites as we speak. It looks like the perfect solution thus far. ;)
Lots of style and minimal fuss, if only everyday could be that easy.
Hey.... I am new here...
and my first post is just to say and agree that CouchCMS is AMAZING!!!!
I definitely do. Here's a quote from something I had shared with kk privately.

I am really enjoying Couch :D , thank you for making it. Except for wanting something even simpler, a flat file version of Couch for really simple sites, or maybe if I were working on an enterprise cms project, I think I have found my dream cms.

I do fantasize about using Couch as the basis for a flat file cms using YAML or XML for data storage. 8-) I would probably simplify some of the great, well thought out features you have added, to it. If someone really needs them, they should probably just being using Couch instead.

I can figure out WP, but why do I want to? If I want to make a simple change to the HTML, I just should be able to. Same with modX, which I actually considered, but how much time do I want to spend learning a specific tool, and how to make it do what I want. As I stated above, for somethings even Couch CMS is overkill.

How about LazyBoyCMS (, a flat file version of couch? I am defintely interested, but know I can't even pretend to have the time to think about it for real until mid Spring!

:D Couch is AMAZINGly, cool, fun, convenient, inexpensive, well thought out, awesome with its feature set, ...
LazyBoyCMS - lighter version of CouchCMS :lol:
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