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Hi guys,

couch seems perfect for me. THANK YOU!

You mention an events calendar function on the homeopage.
Do you have a tutorial for that or even simply a sample-file where I can reverse engineer what you did there?

Would love a simple, almost blog-style display of the event dates upcoming, but would like to have a date-picker (or just a "syntaxed" date-entry-field) in the admin area.
I am sure, since you mention it, you already have the ideal solution for it.

Would you point me to that?

THANK YOU again! Great work!

Hi Hans,

Welcome to our forums and we are glad you liked Couch.

We have a complete working example in our documentation at ... endar.html

Kindly take a look at it and let me know if that serves your purpose.
Thanks mate!

Sorry, must have missed this. Never clicked into the "core concepts" section, since i thought i "got those" already. ;)

Anyway, have to say: I would have custom built something similar if it wouldn't be here already.
Great concept!

Gonna buy a couple of licenses in the next 2 weeks if my tests here run smooth.

Just got a little deeper into the events thingy...

You give me the complete code to have admins create events. Awesome.

I LOVE the total flexibility here about HOW to display the events in the frontend.
As said, I won't even use a Calendar display, but simply list the upcoming events under another.

In general:
Seems I am finally totally flexible to match my CMS to my Design, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

I L.O.V.E the concept guys!

Never again having clients freak out about the 99% of features they DON'T use in the cms...
Not to mention the time I save NOT having to explain a complete CMS in workshops anymore.


Godsent guys, seriously.

(Have to raise prices now to make up for the workshops though...;)
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