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The more I dig into COUCH code the more I like it...

I love the logic behind it and flexibility it offers, without needing to know any php!!!!

I just have to express again my appreciation for your work and effort KK

best regards
Thank you very much for appreciating Couch, Tanja.
I am glad you found it useful.
Just wanted to say that I love Couch code, it is so natural - it's almost like speaking out the commands.....You made a superb product KK...

BIG fan
Thank you so very much, Tanja :)
Agreed love using Couch 8-)
I love COUCH.. Though I'm not designer I love working on it because it so easy. Ofcourse guidance and support here is awesome. Without KK I wouldn't have implemented he's help n patience[in answering my dumb questions] is inexpressible . I can understand how designers can enjoy with Couch. COUCH is just brilliant and best!!
Wow, just registered to say that I'm surprised of the capabilities, the databund sample is a job application! and the tutorial converts a simple template into a site, sick!

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