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Since Couch doesn't support modules, i was thinking to maybe provide one section of the website(or forum) for user provided modules(call it anything you like) to be downloaded.

What i had in mind is if anyone developed something useful, and want to share it with the comunity, why not?
I know these things aren't real modules, but can act like ones, minimal markup, basic styling and Couch functionality integrated so anyone could shape to it own needs.

For example, i know that a blog creation is explained in the tutorial, but let's say someone just strips that part of the functionality, adds minimal markup and some styling, and voila a pseudo blog module is available for download, which could speed up development time if anybody needs it.

Also, some kind of news module, events module, nice galleries come to mind. You know, the basic stuff that mostly every page needs. Also some advanced functionality, as maybe some mini-cart or something like that.
Also i think that would open the door for even more Couch users, because a lot of potential users except common functionality out of the box.

Any thoughts?
Sounds like a good idea.
I think we can have a new section on this forum for this purpose.
What do you suggest the title and description of this new section be?
Please let me know.
Hi KK, glad that you liked the idea.
As for the naming i'm really not sure, since clearly these will not be typical modules. Maybe something like Couch blocks, extensions, add-ons?

Description could be simple: Couch comunity add-ons, or something like that.
Provided in zip-format, clean markup, basic styling and Couch functionality.
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