Hi Couch,

Of course things are looking good with all the updates couch as and what it offers the clients.

However there is something ticking and something i've thought about extensively. I wanted to know if couch will ever allow people to register their details okay, and allow them to post their own topic ''blog post'' that will need togo through admin approval.

I want to allow my public eye to be able to post some content, without having to ask them to send it me via email and me of course adding it. because we are within the automotive scene, we want to allow users to register and post up content such as. Car projects (builds) that allow them to showcase what they are building, and beable to update this.

Abit like a forums as a instance, login, make a post, and update them. Which will post for approval, for us admin to approve of, and place into the correct folder. Such as News, or Car Projects.

Any Feedback or insight would be great.