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I have a couple of questions in regards to the licenses. If I purchase a license for Domain A and change my mind and wish to use it for Domain B, can I do that? Are they transferrable?

Also I would like to have a version running locally that I can continually do testing on. The current version I have will run in 30 days. Is there anyway I can obtain a license for local testing? Sometimes I can be developing a site for a couple of months before it goes live.

It would be good if each purchased license came with the ability to run it locally as well. This way each site you develop can have a testing version locally.

Lastly, is transferring a locally developed site to a live server easy enough?

Thanks, keep up the good work, I'm really loving what I'm seeing at the moment.
I believe it is not possible to use license with local installation since license validation works with domain name e.g if license has been issued for, it will not work for "localhost".

But there is a workaround, you can map domain name to local installation easily by editing "hosts" file located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc directory :-

Open hosts file and put line mentioned below :-

Replace with your own domain name. It will point your domain name to localhost and you will be able to access your local web server with

Remove line from "hosts" file when you are done with development.

Migration to live server shouldn't be complicated, like any other php application you will have to move files as well as database to live server.

Thats great. I'm on a Mac but I assume I can do a similar thing.

What about the transferrable licenses, is this possible?
Hi Mark,

There is no way we can enforce revoking a license issued for a particular domain so, in effect, transferring license would amount to issuing two licenses.
However, if we feel that the request is reasonable, I think we'll go ahead and issue license for the new domain.

Hope that answers your question.
markyards wrote: Thats great. I'm on a Mac but I assume I can do a similar thing.

Hi Mark
Mac OS X: How to Add Hosts to Local Hosts File

This may help!!!
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