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I've been designing websites (html/php/css based), typically just static ones, for a couple years now, all custom made designs for various small businesses and entities. I've been looking for a nice way to make all of the websites I've done in the past as well as ones in the future easily editable for my clients instead of them having to feed me updates and having to manually change them. I looked at about 150 different cms solutions, from various open source ones to monthly fee ones, none doing what I wanted -- either too complicated for the clients to use for what was needed, too hard to implement into already custom designed websites, or just too expensive for what was offered. I've even made some basic custom cms's from scratch for certain clients to use but those typically lacked in some additional features that would be nice to have and were mainly just content editors with wysiwyg editors.

I finally stumbled upon this place today after constantly searching for more and more cms solutions. I'm glad to say that I have already started implementing couch cms into sold older sites and will be implementing it into all my future websites for clients. Your cms is exactly what you say in the slogan "uncomplicated". Very easy and straight-forward to use for my clients and it also allows me to use my custom designs rather than have to use a pre-defined template system and go through all of that non-sense as other cms's do.
Once completed with a few if everything goes well (trying the free license first!) I'll be purchasing a pro license just to support you.

I also have many graphic design associates that also do freelance web design like myself that would probably be interested in this so I'll be sure to recommend it to them!

Best of luck with all future updates and everything with your cms, it really is a great thing from what I've seen so far :)
Hi and welcome :)

Thank you very much for the appreciation. I am glad you found Couch useful.
Always feel free to contact us anytime you require any help in working with it.
Hi everyone,

I just discovered Couch and I really like the idea behind this CMS, that it is build for webdesigners.

I've tested a lot of CMSes over de last few years and there was not really a system that fits my needs, until I discovered Couch. Couch comes very close to what I have in mind as a webdesigner, with Couch I am less limited than other CMSes. I'm very exciting to use Couch for my next projects.

I want to thank Kamran and others who have contributed to this great CMS. Keep up the good work!

Will there also be an unlimited licence in the future?
Hi martijnbokma,

Thank you very much for appreciating Couch :)
I am really glad you found it useful as a web-designer.

Answering your query about the unlimited license - I am afraid but we have no such plan for now.
Hi Kamran,

You're welcome. You really did a great job on this. :)

Thanks for your answer. I'll purchase a pro license. You can also see it as a donation for this great piece of software. :) I hope my clients also like this CMS. Then I can buy more licenses and support you much more. :)

Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to more future updates.

Thank you very much indeed for supporting Couch, Martijn :)
We greatly appreciate it.

We do hope your clients like it as well.
Please feel free to contact us anytime you require any help with Couch.
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