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Hello Mr. Kashif. First of all let me congratulate you on creating such a wonderful product!
I'm designing websites for almost a decade now, but it wasn't until yesterday that I finally decided it was time to look for a lightweight CMS to use on my small and medium-sized projects.
After dismissing Wordpress for its complexity, I turned to looking for something smaller in size, yet sufficiently powerful and versatile. I found a solid number of light CMS solutions, but most of them were hosted solutions which do have their advantages, but come with monthly fees. Not being a huge fan of that payment model, I narrowed the choice to Couch and Perch. It was a tough decision to make, but in the end I've decided to go with Couch.

I yet have to play with it, but before that I wanted to give you my feedback and share with you a view on things from a perspective of an undecided man :)

What I liked more about CouchCMS (and why I decided to give it my trust), not necessarily in this order:
- admin looks more organized and elegant
- documentation is comprehensive and very well written
- great support - you really make an extra effort while answering every single question you get on the forum

What I liked more about Perch (and where there's still room for improvement for Couch):
- presentation, mainly their web page (overall design and attention to details, customer stories (testimonials)
- apps/add-ons
- video tutorials

I hope you'll find this feedback useful as I'm sure there (was and) will be many more people with the same/similar dilema: should they use CouchCMS or some other system like Perch.

I look forward to learning to work with CouchCMS and using it on all of my future web projects. And I'm sure my clients will be loving it too :)
Welcome to our forums and thank you very much for your appreciation of Couch :)

As you rightly pointed out, there is indeed a lot of improvement that is needed.
We are already working over on the video tutorials and will certainly try to address the other points that you mentioned.

We require your support in this effort and will always appreciate your feedback. Do let us know whenever you feel something is missing in Couch or could be done in a better way.

That's great news! :)
Forgot to mention it earlier - should you require any assistance with design enhancements for the website, I'll be glad to help.
I honestly was thinking about creating some video tutorials and/or promo videos for CouchCMS. :) It's not as official as when the Couch team does it, but it's close enough :)

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Hey Johan,

I'd love to see you go ahead and create some videos yourself.
Would be great to see your view of Couch :)
Greatly love the support from couch.
Thanks for you're email KK and gladly will always support you in various manors.

We ran a press release which you already know about and full review on your system. Glad to be working along side you. When business kicks off somewhat i will book a flight out for a meeting of some food and a drink to discuss random crap over a few beers. :lol:

You know where i am if there is anything in return i can support you with and of course help. :mrgreen:

In relation to the couch website, it's basic however functions correctly, and works just fine that way.
SimonRLM wrote: When business kicks off somewhat i will book a flight out for a meeting of some food and a drink to discuss random crap over a few beers. :lol:

@SimonRLM, KK doesn't drink, u shud know that by now, He runs on diesel and nitrous! :lol:

CouchCMS :)
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