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What is the best way to reorganize fields without going into the MySql DB to change the field ID's...Is there any plan to make CouchCMS Drag and drop?
Hi Alex,

I am terribly sorry but I do not quite understand what exactly you mean by 'reorganizing fields'.

If by reorganizing you mean that you have declared some fields in a template and they appear in the admin panel in a particular order and now you wish to reorder them in a different sequence - this can be done by using the 'order' parameter in the 'editable' tags. The larger the number used, the lower the field appears in the admin panel.

Kindly explain in detail the problem that you're trying to solve and we'll try and find the solution.


You answered the question that I was asking thanks, however would it be difficult to add drop and drag functionality.
Hi Alex,

Drag and drop interface for reordering the fields seems to be a good idea.
We'll definitely keep this feature in mind for our next versions

A drag-'n-drop interface would be heavily appreciated, glad to see you're taking such features into consideration :)
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