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OK, I'll admit I'm a bit of a noob, but I've manually installed other CMS applications without a problem, but...
They all had instructions with them. Where is the install file for CouchCMS? I've dug all around and it very well may be staring me in the face but I can't find it.

Can someone please give me the step by step guide to installing this on my hosted server? I assume the Couch and Documenation folders be in the root of the subdomain I'm using. I have modified the config.php file to point to my MySQL database.... what am I missing?

Thank you,

Mike Kenney
Issue solved. I was specifically looking for a document labeled Installation Steps (or some such thing) but I just found your step by step guide under the Tutorials.
Hi Mike,

I was in the act of posting my reply when you answered it yourself :)
The installation procedure is extremely simple and can be found at ... -site.html
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