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I was wondering, what the plans are for the team? how frequently are you guys planning to release an update? Can fe follow the progress somewhere and can we see a list of features that will be added?

Top on our priority list is supporting localization of the admin panel.

The following are features that are planned for the next release -
    1. Support for plugins (hooks and filters) - this will, of other things, open up the possibility of allowing the creation of custom tags and editable regions (e.g. color picker, date picker etc. ).

    2. A more refined 'users' module with finer control over roles and permissions.

We also request our users to send in their features request if they have anything they'd like to see in Couch.

We'll have a blog section on our site soon and will keep everybody updated about the progress - but the foremost task right now is to begin issuing commercial licenses. That should happen in the first week of the New Year.

Hope this answers your questions.
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