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First of all, I must say I'm excited to have found a CMS that (claims) to be user/client friendly in use.

I have downloaded the CMS, will start playing with it. but while I was reading through the documentation I read about the source code being obfuscated. Are there any plans on releasing the code without obfuscating? (i'll be glad to pay for it if it works well)

Second, how easy is it to develop custom plugins for this CMS? as I can imagine features being needed which are currently not supported and waiting for you guys to develop these plugins would probably not have priority for you atm.

Keep up the good work.
I'm glad you posted this I would have been asking the same thing once I realized the source was obfuscated, I prefer to support and develop for open source projects. If CouchCMS isn't open source most of my clients will refuse to use it :(

... and if it matters, I don't see how I would be able to contribute as a developer either :roll:

[edit] Removing the IonCube requirement would be a bonus to CouchCMS in my opinion :roll: for the most part I agree with what newuser posted in the next post. Open Source projects tend to survive, to me and most of my clients OS means stability and longevity. [/edit]
Well I understand their perspective, that CouchCMS is a CMS for web-designers. But today most web-designers have some knowledge on PHP.

That's why i kinda was dissapointed when I read the source was obfuscated.

But I wonder, when I pay for a license, will the source still be obfuscated? yet I think releasing it as open source code like Doc said, would stimulate the community more to develop with this CMS.
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